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Brewster Travel

Breathtaking Views in Every Direction
By E-Cubed 3 years ago

Brewster Travel


Travel & Tourism






Brewster Travel Canada has been a leader in providing amazing natural experiences to guests of the Canadian Rocky Mountains since 1892. Headquartered in Banff National Park, Brewster’s committed team of passionate, local travel experts help guests get the very most out of their Canadian holiday.

Brewster is a premier travel and tourism provider that provides Canada-wide vacation planning, hotels and transportation services to guests looking to explore the best of Canada. Brewster also owns and operates four of the biggest attractions in the Rocky Mountains:

  • The Banff Gondola
  • Banff Lake Cruise
  • Glacier Adventure
  • Glacier Skywalk

The starting point

Brewster is comprised of five separate operating companies, each of which had its own dedicated website and reservation system. The end result was confusing for the visitor and lacked any sense of brand consistency:

  • The web visitor could find themselves clicking between different sites, such as Brewster Vacations, Brewster Transportation and Explore the Rockies with little sense of brand cohesion
  • The booking path was confusing and required multiple steps to complete
  • There was a lack of a consistent ‘Brewster’ brand
  • The sites were not optimized for mobile devices
  • Their current CMS was not user-friendly and made it difficult to add or change content


Brewster needed one website that would unify the five Brewster companies, presenting them as a single, consistent brand.

With a broad customer base, which could be segmented according to very different destination and vacation experiences, it was important to identify each group and align the appropriate sections of the website to their wants and needs.

For the user experience there were several important considerations:

  • Most customers are looking first for destination based products, and then for specific activities or themes
  • With so many destinations and choices, the site needed strong navigational cues
  • A complex booking system needed to seem simple and intuitive
  • The end result needed to be an increase in retention and conversions


The new website positions Brewster as an expert in the Canadian Rockies, while simultaneously presenting destination choices across Canada.

The integration of the multiple sites creates a unified experience, fostering more trust, greater brand equity and allowing Brewster to make better use of cross-promotional and up-selling opportunities.

Specifically, the new user experience incorporates the following:

  • Colourful, evocative visuals
  • Simple, highly intuitive navigation
  • A design that reflects diverse user personas, employing visuals and navigation cues to support those personas
  • A Kentico CMS system allowing for quick, easy content updates
  • Full SEO and mobile optimization
  • A rich search facility, and multiple options for users to find information
  • A streamlined path to booking



40% increase in booking visits


34% increase in time spent on site


16% overall drop in bounce rate

0Over 2,000 new contacts per month
0Over 2,500 leads generated per month

“From the initial stage in the development process it was clear that E-Cubed’s vision was aligned with ours. After just 3 months in to the relationship we had made more progress than any previous agency I’ve worked with in the past. Proactive, accessible and responsive, E-Cubed enables a fluid communication and delivered the project on time with full transparency of milestones and budget which instilled total confidence.

Not only does their approach make you feel confident that your targets are their priority, they give off the sense that they are a part of your internal team. The E-Cubed team is in weekly (if not daily) contact depending on the project you are working on and they always offer advice with the project’s best interests at heart. They often act as a sounding board for our own ideas, and if they feel we’re investing time and energy in an area that won’t benefit our key targets, they’re honest enough to tell us. I feel this approach is extremely valuable in any working relationship.

I will always recommend E-Cubed as a business solution partner as it seems rare that an agency can offer such a good service and terms at that same time.”

Lori Burgher
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing & Media